In today’s fast-paced, technically advanced world people are looking for convenient and efficient ways to acquire practical, useful knowledge they can immediately apply to their lives. At Relational Advantage we offer informative, concise E-books on topics that will help you learn to live, work and relate well! In the months to come, we will be adding new titles for you to choose from.

Stress Management: How to Break Free from a Stressful Lifestyle

Nothing takes its toll on the body like stress. In addition to the mental damage it causes, stress is also linked to many diseases, including cancer. Unfortunately, in today’s world, most of us are experiencing a stressful life with no way to get out of it – or so we think. We continue the merry-go-round of stress and often look to pills or other forms of self-medication to solve the problem of stress for us.

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In addition to our informative and concise E-books, we also offer relevant audio programs that you can instantly download and begin listening to in your car, at home, in your office – or anywhere! These practical audio programs will help you acquire the knowledge you need to enhance your personal growth and professional development.

How to Deal with Difficult People

Whether it’s a co-worker, supervisor, family member, neighbor or someone you run into at the gym, you no doubt have to deal with one or more difficult people in your life – we all do! That’s why we created the How to Deal with Difficult People audio program. We’ll help you develop the knowledge and […]

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Understanding Behavioral Styles for Relationship Success

Based on the DISC Personality System, this audio presentation will help you develop a deeper level of personal awareness of why you do what you do the way you do it. You’ll also gain a greater understanding of the fears, motivators, needs and challenges of the people you live and work with. This knowledge is critical […]

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The Power of Values

In The Power of Values audio presentation you will learn the critical importance of developing personal awareness. The personally aware individual has a good understanding of where they are and where they are going in the big picture of life. The first step in maximizing your personal awareness involves clarifying the values that help to […]

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At Relational Advantage, Inc. we offer a growing list of FREE personal and professional development resources specifically designed to help you learn to live, work and relate well!

Personal Strategic Planning Worksheet

This simple planning worksheet will help you better organize your time and effort in order to be more productive and efficient throughout your week.

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Wheel of Life Exercise

This exercise will help you gain greater clarity with regard to your level of satisfaction and effectiveness in the eight important domains of your life – Career, Money, Health, Friends & Family, Significant Other/Romance, Personal & Spiritual Growth, Fun/Leisure/Recreation and Physical Environment. It will also help you identify your priorities for goal-setting by visually demonstrating […]

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The SMART Approach to Goal Setting

This practical and simple tool will help you get inspired to cast a vision for your personal and professional life. The worksheets will help you identify and write effective goals for your life. Research shows that people who have written goals are far more likely to be successful. Begin identifying and writing down your goals […]

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Workplace Relationship Survey

Use this survey to assess the strength of your working relationships and to identify areas of potential need.

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