Understanding Behavioral Styles for Relationship Success

Improve Your Relationship Success

Based on the DISC Personality System, this audio presentation will help you develop a deeper level of personal awareness of why you do what you do the way you do it. You’ll also gain a greater understanding of the fears, motivators, needs and challenges of the people you live and work with. This knowledge is critical to improving communication, reducing conflict, and developing the ability to relate well with all types of personalities.

What exactly is a behavioral style? Simply stated, it’s a “big picture” view of the way you are. It’s the byproduct of a set of personal traits and characteristics that are inherited, learned through significant role models and influenced by early life experiences.

The valuable information contained in this audio program will help you strengthen your Frelationships with family, friends and co-workers, improve communication, decrease conflict and misunderstanding, build strong and effective work teams, manage more effectively and identify your personal strengths and areas for continued growth.

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