Wednesday, July 24, 2019

It’s Summer! Are you Hot Under the Collar?

Hot Under the CollarI think we can all agree that the weather has been a bit unusual in many parts of the country this year. It’s July, and some people are wondering if they will ever be able to put away their sweaters and winter coats. But many others are experiencing the summer heat with higher than average temperatures.

Extremes in the weather can have an effect on your physical and mental health, your attitude and your temper. This can lead to a greater level of stress, fatigue and irritability. Some of the factors to consider as you endure the hot days are:

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Simple Self-Care Advice for Improving Your Head-to-Toe Health

Simple Self-Care AdviceToday’s guest blog post is written by Kimberly Hayes, and I’m confident you will find her simple self-care advice to be informative and highly beneficial. – Dr. Todd

Doctors, personal trainers, life coaches, and the like can be helpful to all of us who try to live a healthy life. At the end of the day, however, we are responsible for our own well-being. That’s why taking steps each day to better our head-to-toe health is so important. If you’re looking to develop a lifestyle that fosters your physical, mental, and emotional well-being, here is some simple self-care advice to put you on the right track:

Friday, April 12, 2019

A Visit to the Park Improves Emotional Well-Being

Emotional Well BeingSpring is in the air in most areas of the country, and we can’t help but be drawn outdoors to enjoy a break from the icy chill of Winter! We know from studies and experience that getting outside can be a refreshing break from “cabin fever” but now we know that it might be easier than you think to enjoy the benefits.

The University of Alabama Birmingham conducted a study at three urban parks in Alabama that regularly have visitors. The study participants reported that they felt better after spending as little as 20 minutes in the park – even if they weren’t being physically active. An excerpt from the University’s report says:

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The Key to Excellent Health

healthPeople go to great lengths these days to get healthy. Americans spend billions of dollars on the latest workout equipment, health clubs, vitamin supplements and special diets (not to mention all the specialized clothing, shoes, and accessories). Don’t get me wrong; I am 100% in favor of people making the effort to take care of their physical health. No one would argue that we can all benefit from watching what we eat and getting plenty of exercise, but there is another key ingredient to staying healthy that many people overlook. One of the most important components of overall health is connection to people you love.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Give it a Rest: The Importance of Taking a Break

When I think about resting, something rather strange occurs. At first, I begin to imagine lounging on the couch, watching golf and (inevitably) falling asleep. But just as I begin to enjoy this image, I am yanked back into reality with the thought that dozing off to a lullaby of polite clapping and hushed announcers is just plain lazy.


This kind of internal scolding is a culturally-driven, knee-jerk reaction many of us have because we have grown up in an environment that values Type A drive and workaholism. “I do, therefore I am.” We have come to believe that our worth is found in our productivity, and our value to our employers is achieved in tireless, devoted activity with no thought of our own needs.

The good news is that the tide is turning, and workers today are less likely to be plagued by guilt if they grab a quick nap mid-afternoon or take a short walk outside to clear their minds, and some companies actually endorse activities that refresh their employees. This is because research has shown that those physical and mental breaks actually improve productivity.

Ferris Jabr, in his article, “Why Your Brain Needs More Downtime”, sums it up well:

Monday, April 22, 2013

Ingredients for Life

Every day I meet with men and women who express their dissatisfaction with life in one way or another.  Many are experiencing emotional pain associated with depression and anxiety as well as relationship challenges.  Others talk about a growing frustration with not feeling fulfilled – not having a sense of purpose or meaning.  Still others disclose that they are unable to get control of an unhealthy or self-defeating pattern of behavior.

These people often have one major factor in common – they are starving.  Their malnutrition may have nothing to do with food, but they are missing some of the most critical ingredients of life.  So let’s take a few moments to talk about what I have found to be the essential ingredients we all need to include in our daily “diet” in order to be healthy and feel fulfilled.  In other words, the keys to nourishing your body, mind, heart and spirit in such a way as to fully maximize your life satisfaction.

Most of the people I know are dissatisfied with life in large part because they are in the habit of living by default instead of on purpose.  Living by default typically involves doing in the moment what you “feel like” doing rather than what may be in your best interest.  It’s like chowing down several pieces of a supreme pizza before it dawns on you that you are stuffed and feeling guilty because you were going to start eating healthier.  It may have smelled tantalizing, but that doesn’t mean you had to give in and ultimately disappoint yourself.

In order to experience the most satisfying life possible you must begin with a commitment to being mindful of how you will spend every 24-hour day you are given to live.

Most of us think our day