Monday, October 7, 2019

Growing Through Change

The beginning of Autumn signals a welcome relief from blistering summer heat in some parts of the country. In others, it is the harbinger of dark, cold winter coming. Regardless of where you live, seasonal change is inevitable, but growing through change in your own life involves a choice.

Seasonal changes almost always require adjustments – to the thermostat, to your choices about what to wear, to your favorite warm or cold meals and drinks, and to your activities. But whether you’re reaching for an ice cold water bottle or a pumpkin spice latte, it’s time to say, “See you later” to the passing season and “Hello” to the new one!

Seasons of life aren’t always about the weather, of course. They’re about natural progressions and cycles that occur in our lives that include birth and death, youth and maturity, practice and mastery, needing and giving, sickness and health, gain and loss. Changes are inevitable, and yet they can still cause us to feel a bit off-balance at times. When something changes in your life, here are some simple principles to help you choose to adjust:

Thursday, January 24, 2019

The 5 P’s of Transitional Leadership

Change and TransitionChange and transition is difficult for many people. In fact, most of us have a love-hate relationship with change – maybe because we believe it will be painful, messy and disruptive despite knowing that if led and managed well it can result in significant improvement and growth.

Ask anyone in our city and they will tell you that everywhere they go they encounter a construction zone. Our freeway and roads have had major delays and new housing construction has created traffic jams of slow-moving cement trucks and heavy equipment. “Messy” and “disruptive” might not be strong enough terms! But the vision of smoother, wider roads and beautiful new neighborhoods helps us remain positive during the processes of change.

In business, as well as in life, it is impossible to experience growth without change, and if you don’t know how to effectively lead and manage change and transition you will encounter greater resistance and opposition no matter how positive or beneficial the change may be. Remember that change is the event; transition is the psychological and emotional response to the event.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Begin Today to Become Your Best Self

Best SelfIt was a little odd having Easter and April Fool’s Day fall on the same day this year. Those dates haven’t lined up since 1945, so it’s a rare occurrence! I wonder how many people added a few tricks to their egg hunts? I heard one person’s idea was to cover raw eggs with chocolate so their friends would take a bite. Not exactly my idea of tasteful  joke!

But regardless of what strange things are happening, this time of year is a special reminder that life offers new beginnings. Every day brings an opportunity to experience life in a new way, and you have the power to make some healthy changes to put yourself on the road to being your best self.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Riding the Waves of Change

ChangeIf you have ever gazed at the ocean for awhile, you saw it change with every wave that came to shore. Life is like that; waves of change come along, sometimes small and sometimes gigantic, and nothing is exactly the same after that.

There is a myth in our culture that promotes the notion that people hate change. The truth is – people love change! People change their clothes, hairstyle, and favorite restaurant. They rearrange their furniture, travel to new places and do things to add variety to their lives on a regular basis.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

The Power of Habit

People who come to me for coaching often have several things in common. They tend to be intelligent, growth-minded, and open to change. They’re usually genuine assets to their companies with great potential. This may make you wonder why they need coaching. But the other thing they have in common is that one or more bad habits stand in the way of greater success.


In my meetings with clients, I often share this narrative because it’s such an effective description of the power of habit:

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Overcoming the Fear of Change

Change is inevitable – everybody knows that.  Some of you reading this today don’t even know it used to be common for a person to start a job in their teens and work their way up the ladder, eventually retiring at age 65 from the same company!  Today, employment is much more fluid, and many people experience job change frequently, sometimes by moving on to better opportunities, but sometimes because their current job is changing due to new ownership, new strategies, new methods and new technology.


Still, in spite of the new normal trends, most people struggle with change even if it’s positive. In today’s business environment, since nothing stays the same for very long, those who are unable to effectively “ride the waves” will likely find themselves drowning.  Here are ten tips to help you navigate in a changing world.

“To change is to be vulnerable. And to be vulnerable is to be alive.” Alexis DeVeaux

Thursday, June 5, 2014

7 Keys to Letting Go of Regret

Letting Go of Regret

Living with regret is like walking through life dragging a heavy ball and chain around your ankle – it will do nothing but slow you down. Regrets keep you focused on the past, which robs you of the present and tricks you into believing there is no future.

These 7 keys will help you take another step toward freeing yourself from the weight of regret, beginning to move forward again, and creating real change in your life.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Secret to a Better Life Lies In Simple Arithmetic

Do you like everything about your life just the way it is? If so, you can stop reading now. If not, what is it you don’t like or are unhappy with? You see, if you can identify what you don’t like with your life you can do one of two very simple things to make it a better life – either add or subtract.

Simple Arithmetic = A Better Life

The Principle of Addition and Subtraction

This wisdom associated with the Principle of Addition and Subtraction is revealed in the following statement, “If you always do what you have always done you will always get what you have always got.” In other words, if there are things in your life that cause you pain you have to introduce something new or different in order to experience relief. If you are struggling with your children, marriage, finances, career, communication, health, friendships, etc., something must either be added to, or subtracted from your life in order to experience different, and ideally, desirable results.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Senator Brown and the Value of Speaking Up!

Regardless of your political party affiliation you have to admit that what we all just witnessed in the Massachusetts Senate race yesterday was amazing. It was the direct result of the people of the state being willing to exercise their right and responsibility to speak up with their vote.

Only a few weeks ago it was believed that the chances of Republican Scott Brown being elected to serve in the U.S. Senate were low to impossible. This election outcome is a great example of how letting your voice be heard can bring about almost unbelievable results.

The importance and value of letting your voice be heard extends far beyond political elections and into your own home and relationships. Many people settle for poor or mediocre relationships because they are unwilling to speak up. They often don’t speak up because of their fear of being opposed, rejected, insulted, embarrassed or humiliated. Unfortunately, when you stay quiet you typically get what you ask for – nothing!

If you are tired of settling for a less than satisfying relationship in your life begin the practice of speaking up. Speaking up begins with giving yourself permission to identify what is and isn’t acceptable or beneficial to you and your relationships. It then involves learning how to value your needs, opinions and ideas so you are more motivated to express them in an open, honest and direct fashion.

When you are ready to speak up it is important to use good judgment and discernment as well as appropriate and respectful communication. Don’t worry; you will get better at this with regular practice.

If you want or need more from your relationships, speak up! Like Senator Brown, you may find yourself experiencing unbelievable results!

Relate Well!
Dr. Todd