About Us

Relational Advantage, Inc.

Relational Advantage, Inc. is a personal and professional development company founded by Dr. Todd Linaman in 2002.

At Relational Advantage, we are committed to equipping people to live, work and relate well by building strong and healthy relationships and organizational cultures that lead to greater personal wellness and satisfaction, professional success and business profitability. Our purpose is to help individuals and organizations turn potential into a high level of growth and performance.

We work with motivated and solution-focused men and women to help maximize their personal satisfaction and professional success by offering high quality coaching, counseling, training, seminars, consulting and resources.

At RAI, we believe that your true success is not solely measured by what you achieve, acquire or accomplish, but also by the degree to which you can experience genuine satisfaction, meaning and purpose along the way.

We further believe that the foundation of your success is largely built upon your ability to clearly understand yourself and to effectively relate well with others. Once you develop both of these intrapersonal and interpersonal qualities you will possess the Relational Advantage that will help you to live, work and relate well!


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